YogAlign classes

This is you:

  • You have a long body, pain in your neck or back and you don’t dare to move because of this. Meanwhile, it’s so bad that you spend evenings on the couch, which only makes your pain worse
  • Are you not sure which sport or movements are good for your long body, so that you quickly overload yourself
  • Do you find it difficult to exercise alone anyway, but are group lessons also a threshold because you are insecure about your body
  • You would like to feel fit again and pick up your sports moment under professional guidance!

What you need now is a YogAlign group lesson or 1 on 1 session, in which I take you in a safe and small group with personal attention so that you enjoy working on your flexibility, condition and muscle strength 1 or more fixed times a week.

Book your lesson now because before you know it you will be wasting your time lounging on the couch, your body will become weaker and you will only become more frustrated or insecure about yourself!

Give your long body a boost, breathe & move pain-free again and work on a healthy and strong body with YOGALIGN!

YogAlign (based on Hatha Yoga and related to Pilates) was founded by Michaelle Edwards in Kauai, Hawaii.

A YogAlign class focuses on improving your posture and making your body stronger. The special SIP breathing technique is central to this. In addition, meditation, self-massage and (re) training your brain are discussed and you give your attitude a boost.

YogAlign is suitable for every yoga level and is for all ages.

I help you with YogAlign to bring your body back into balance in a relaxed and fun way. My goal is that you can stand pain-free and erect in the world again and enjoy moving every day and love your long body again!

I am not teaching classes at the moment. I do work 1 on 1 at the moment, both online and offline, so feel free to contact me

Waardering: 5 uit 5.

“It was another wonderful lesson. Nice combination of strengthening my ‘core’ and relaxing my neck and shoulders. And with a wonderful long relaxation in between! Now we can continue with a lot of energy on Wednesday!”

Nienke, 43 years old

“Janna gives very nice yoga classes with a good combination of exercise and relaxation. I like that there are sometimes spicy exercises in the lessons, that’s exactly what my body needs. In addition, the meditation exercises help to relax. After a lesson I have new and positive energy and a body that is more relaxed and flexible!”


“Janna is a warm, versatile lady who lovingly shapes her lessons.” Thanks Rian!