Are your employees number 1 within your company or team and do you want to ensure that they can (continue to) work vitally and with pleasure?!

Let FLOWOHY work for you!

Working ergonomically and with a healthy and conscious mindset are central within FLOWOHY!

Vitality and fun in the workplace for healthy employees is a must for every company!

Because of my down to earth approach in terms of coaching and customized yoga classes and sessions, I can give full attention to the total well-being of all employees and healthcare professionals! Both on the work floor but also outside “office hours”. Especially now in this current time, it is necessary for companies to invest extra in vitality, well-being and job satisfaction for employees!

Based on my extensive expertise and years of experience as a Cesar Remedial Kinetics Therapist, Haptonomic Professional, PDL coach and yoga teacher, I am the right person in the field of being able to move responsibly and with pleasure for everyone! From employee to healthcare professional and residents in healthcare institutions.

Workshops, yoga group lessons and coaching packages are tailor-made.

Please feel free to contact me to discuss the possibilities and to request a quote.

PDL method workshops

Yoga group lessons and workshops for the whole team

1 on 1 coaching