PDL method workshops

“We see an increase in complexity among our residents and do not know how to deal with it”

A statement that I often hear around me, both on the work floor within healthcare institutions and within a hospice or home care organization.

And that’s a shame!

Because with the PDL method you can do so much more! It provides more peace and relaxation, creates time and prevents misunderstood behavior.

What do you do with PDL and who is it for

PDL envisions a world in which loving support for a life in care dependence is a basic principle of care. It is therefore my mission to provide support based on the PDL philosophy to everyone who deals with care-dependent clients.

The PDL method can be applied to clients with a high care dependency. This can be somatic and psychogeriatric, as in dementia. These clients are cared for in nursing homes, care centers, institutions for the physically and/or mentally handicapped and in home care.

In order to take good care of the residents or clients, but also to allow the care employee to work with confidence and safely, I love to share my knowledge and experiences about working with the PDL method.

how i work

I like to think along to keep the entire work floor vital and to be able to provide customized care through the PDL method and therefore organize workshops and training on the work floor!

Based on my extensive expertise and years of experience as a Cesar Remedial Therapist, Haptonomic Professional, PDL coach and yoga teacher, I am the right person in the field of being able to move responsibly and with pleasure for everyone! From employee to healthcare professional and residents in healthcare institutions.

Workshops and/or coaching packages are tailor-made. Please feel free to contact me to discuss the possibilities and to request a quote.

PDL stands for a world in which everyone, young and old, feels comfortable. That is the concern of all of us!


Workshop for the whole team*
$150 an hour

Individual coaching “on the job”*
$60 per 45 minutes

*Excluding VAT, surcharge on location ($ 45) and additional travel costs (0.25 cents per kilometer) per workshop or coaching on the job.

In addition to the time for the workshop, I also invoice preparation time. If material is needed I can arrange this and the extra additional costs will be included in the quote.

Let’s spread the PDL mindset together!

For more information and contact feel free to mail to info@flowohy.com