Janna johanna: yoga teacher & coach for tall people


“From a shy, insecure, tall and lanky girl to a woman full of confidence!”

Personal growth

During my childhood I was confronted with what it is like to lose a loved one. My mother became seriously ill, colon cancer, when I was 10 years old. In addition, I stood head and shoulders above the rest of my peers, which made me feel insecure and different. I made myself smaller and adapted because I wanted to be like the other kids, “normal and small”. At that time I had absolutely no idea how to deal with my tall body of 1.88 meters.

My own adolescence was a period full of fear and uncertainty, but also with bright spots and hope. I saw that my mother wanted to live and fight her illness every day, she was not finished here on earth. Despite her illness, she made me feel that my tall body is okay. For example, she went with me to the Remedial Therapist when my neck and back started to bother me because of my bent posture, and she looked for “alternative” ways to give me more confidence.

“MOVEMENT, SPIRITUALITY AND conducting conversations WERE AND ARE MY LIFE savers!”

As a child I liked to take care of others, according to my mother I always shouted that I wanted to become a sister in Africa. When she herself needed care, I was there for her, turned the tables.

After her long struggle of 10 years, her body gave up and she decided not to live anymore.

I ducked even further away and became still. How am I supposed to live now that you’re gone? And how can your own body suddenly let you down? I was searching, who understands me and can help me with this? I went looking for what could heal me. And the first step was talking and being allowed to be with the loss, the sadness, the emptiness.

Purpose of life

In the end I did not go into nursing, which came too close at the time, but I started to study everything that has to do with movement, the human body, the psyche and exercise behaviour. This came together in the Cesar Kinetics remedial therapist training and later Haptonomy and various yoga courses.


Recognition and reinforcement helps with healing. And that’s not just the case with grief processing. I therefore coach from a holistic approach because you are not your label, complaint or disease!

My observing gaze, committed and loyal attitude and my modesty have brought me to where I am now. And I am now using my path and experiences to help you!

Because I know from experience that life isn’t always about roses, that there are dark times that are often hidden away or shouldn’t be there. By staying close to yourself, diving into your core and entering into a conversation with yourself and the other, you can handle every dark and heavy piece.

embrace yourself

Light and strength are stored in everyone’s core and every body is beautiful! Sometimes we have lost connection with ourselves due to certain events, but I want you to experience that you can always return to it so that you can love yourself with the full 100%!

From movement and consciousness I have learned to put myself confident, strong and established in the world again and I wish you that too!


More about me

  • I’m tall myself: 6 feet 2 (1.88)
  • I currently live on Sint Maarten, Dutch Carribean
  • I am in love with my boyfriend Harvi and cats Tinkie & Iggy
  • Yellow is my favorite color and even my hair and kitchen are in that color
  • I like to be in nature and strive for a life without plastic
  • Every week you can find me in the vegetable garden to harvest with my own hands and to eat fresh from the land
  • I have a great love for Africa and have already traveled in several countries. Including Ghana where I lived for half a year and did there my internship.
  • I like to travel to discover new cultures, customs and countries!
  • My courses are Oefentherapie Cesar (Hogeschool van Utrecht), Haptonomy (Academy for Haptonomy in Doorn), YogAlign (Kauai, Hawaii) & Deeprelax Yoga Nidra (House of Deeprelax, Amsterdam)
  • I like to keep learning and discovering new things; because you are never too old to broaden your horizon!
  • Seize the day and live your best life in your beautiful tall body!