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Do you recognize yourself in this / is this you?

  • You are tall and you think you have already accepted this, or not quite yet? Because you have not yet fully accepted it, you now notice daily inconveniences. Not only in how you move and how the environment treats you, but it is now also palpable in your body and it now manifests itself in nagging pain in your neck or lower back.
  • You often adapt because you don’t want to stand out and ′′ just ′′ belong, which makes you keep making yourself smaller and you subconsciously short yourself. But you notice in your body that you really have to change something now because the pain will only get worse and you will be more and more weighed down by life.
  • You have already tried many tips or exercises or you have followed well-intentioned advice to work on your body, but this only helped temporarily, so you are still dealing with your pain / discomfort. Not everyone really understands what it’s like to be tall and you now want to take real steps to get rid of your pain and other discomforts!

then this workshop is really something for you!

Know that you are not alone in this and that you have now come to the right place, because I am going to help you!

This workshop is given by experience expert Janna Johanna, herself 1.88 cm / 6 feet 2 tall and she herself used to “struggle” enormously with her long body. Thanks to her studies and training, she is the expert in the field of pain-free and fun exercise for specifically tall people!

Goal: at the end of the workshop you have a breathing technique in your hands that makes your pain disappear and you get out of bed every day with pleasure and pain-free and you have initiated a change yourself!

Within 1.5 hours you will discover in an accessible way how you can move pain-free again. I also reveal a practical and easy breathing technique with which you are guaranteed results and with which you can get started right away!

There are currently no workshops planned for 2022


Waardering: 5 uit 5.

“During the online meeting with Janna Johanna I learned more to deal with my attitude. With the nice combination between the theoretical knowledge and the breathing exercises, I feel like I can move on. I can get back to work to give myself a better posture” Thank you Janna, by Marije 30 years old with neck problems

Feel free and happy in your own body!