Deeprelax Yoga Nidra sessions

This is what is happening to you:

  • Your long body hurts and this frustrates you so that you can no longer indicate / feel your limits with the result that you become overstimulated
  • After a long day at work, your head is overcrowded and you feel physically exhausted, but you still can’t fall asleep because you are worrying
  • Do you find it difficult to find peace anyway because your head is always ′′ on ′′ and you’re always busy

What you need now is a Nidra session to recharge yourself so that your pain disappears, you can really let go of everything and you can finally sleep carefree again!

Prevent yourself from getting burned out, chronically sleeping too little and not being able to enjoy your precious free time and your beautiful long body!

Book a beneficial and healing session now and let me take you on your relaxing journey! Both offline and online, I’m here for you!


Relax, recharge yourself and sleep like a baby with DEEPRELAX YOGA NIDRA

Yoga Nidra is also called the sleep of the yogis.

During a session you enter a state of consciousness that is between sleeping and waking. The only senses that remain active are feeling and listening. Your body is asleep but your mind is active.

The power of yoga Nidra lies in letting go of your thoughts, judgments or expectations. You let go of your ego/critical voice and sink deeper into your body through different phases to achieve total relaxation and surrender. It is a tool to find your authentic self and has several health benefits:

It increases your resistance because your stress level decreases

It helps with physical complaints such as back pain, but also with chronic pain

It causes a 65% increase in dopamine production; the substance that makes us feel satisfied and rewarded

With Deeprelax Nidra you are able to change what is important to you in the safest, most relaxed, pleasant and above all independent way: your mind, your health, your whole life. And that while you only have to lie down, how nice does that sound?!


“I had been looking for a long time to take a new path in terms of work and to start for myself. During the Nidra session I felt answers and confirmation; my plan is now clear. It gave me the clarity and strength to really do something with it! Very valuable”

By Desirée, 34 years old with burnout complaints