coaching sessions so that you can be yourself again without pain and with a smile on your face!

THIS is what you recognise/are:

You are a tall person and you recognize yourself in the following points:

You are currently feeling pain in your neck, back or shoulders and at first you thought “well this will pass and it won’t be too bad” but now it is no longer easy and your complaints are now so bad that you regularly sports or social events

Or maybe you don’t know how to proceed after you’ve already tried everything without any results

You may find it difficult to take action anyway because you think that nothing will help and the courage has already failed you

Then my coaching sessions are really something for you! I am the posture and experience expert because I am 1.88 cm tall myself, and from my backgrounds as a Cesar Remedial Therapist, Haptonomic Professional and Yoga teacher, I know better than anyone how the human body and our brain work!

Why 6 sessions I hear you think?! On average, your body and brain need 6 weeks to learn something new until something becomes an “automatism”. Because you book 6 sessions, you know for sure that change will take place and you will finally get results!

I feel your struggle!

And I know from my own experience; this sounds easier said than done and you don’t just do this “just”. Correct! I myself struggled with my long body for years and literally got stuck and became crooked and didn’t know what to do.

That is why I will and can guide you with love so that you can save yourself the years of searching or “struggle”!

What you need now is someone to take you by the hand so that you can say goodbye once and for all to the pain and discomfort you are feeling right now!!

Result after 6 coaching sessions

After 6 sessions you are back in control and you feel that your body and attitude have changed positively. In addition, you move in a body that no longer hurts and you can say with a big smile on your face that you are happy with your body again! You know how to deal with that “critical” voice in your head and have tools to stop being discouraged by it.

And above all, you feel comfortable in your skin again and you radiate this. The good thing is that you did this yourself because you took yourself seriously and finally found a solution to the discomfort you’ve been feeling all along. With the ultimate bonus: lasting results and a lifetime of enjoyment from your new YOU!

This is what you will learn and will be covered:

  • Why your body does what it does and why change is difficult
  • How posture and pain affect your mindset
  • How to recognize signs of overload
  • Why it is important to take enough rest and how you can do this yourself through exercises and meditations
  • How your brain works and how it copes with change
  • How you can work on a healthy and strong body with a positive mindset!

what you get:

  • 6 live coach sessions of 75 minutes or 6 online sessions of 60 minutes. Including exercises, a good conversation, information about the human body and our brain, an attitude analysis with tips so that you know what all your points of interest are so that you can get to work in a focused way and all kinds of tools for support, motivation and inspiration
  • 2 online coach calls (at the live coach sessions) of 15 minutes for support, motivation and to initiate your change; you don’t have to do it alone and I’m here for you to persevere and keep going

Extra bonus

  • After completing the 6 sessions you will receive a personal meditation (via your email) that you can use for motivation, relaxation and as a reminder of your journey during the training.

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Then we’ll see/talk soon!

People who have gone before you

“What surprised me very positively is Janna’s versatility. First, she listens and observes very carefully, quickly getting to the root of the problem. Second, she chooses the right words to summarize or probing. Third, she has a range of methods from which she can immediately draw to choose the right one for the moment. For example, I was helped very expertly on both a physical and mental level; after all, the one is very often related to the other. I have a package of exercises and rules of life that are very helpful”.

Janna therefore gets 5 out of 5 stars. Titia, 1 on 1 coaching haptonomy


Coach sessions can take place anywhere; at your home, at a remote location or outside! Prefer to work from home? That is also possible, then we will get started online.


Introductory meeting online or telephone
(15 min)
6 sessions offline
(75 minutes)
555 dollar
+ bonus persoonlijke meditatie

6 sessions online
(45 minutes)
533 dollar
+ bonus persoonlijke meditatie
Separate session offline
(60 min)
88 dollar

Separate session online
(45 min)
75 dollar

Would you like to book a session with your partner, boyfriend or girlfriend? That is also possible!

Introductory meeting online or telephone
(15 min)
6 sessions
(75 minutes)
999 dollar
+ bonus persoonlijke meditatie
Separate session
(60 min)
166 dollar

You pay a session in advance by invoice or via Paypal. You can also pay with cash on the spot.

*For sessions at home, outside or on location I charge an extra amount of 15 euros per session + travel costs of 0.24 cents per kilometer


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You can cancel your session up to 24 hours before the start, after 24 hours the treatment will be charged in full.


YES: if you want to make a commitment to yourself in 6 sessions and want to go for it 100%

YES: you are ready for change

YES: now it’s time for yourself so you can put yourself back on number 1!

“Your body is the key to health and a positive mindset”!